Round bale unrollers

DP 18


To unroll and distribute hay, straw, wrapped silage bales.
Robustly designed machines, sheet metal blank 10mm, chain drive chain thickness 3.8mm, which can dispense round bales up to 1.80 m in diameter but not exceeding a weight of 1000 kg.

+ product

Reduced maintenance
Robust bearings wiht anti-winding
Ease to use
Large sections of chains
Description technique
Standard equipment
  • Recommended oil flow for good distribution: 30l/min
  • Conveyor belt drive by hydraulic motor and gear chain mat: 2 reinforced roller chains – ep. 3.8 mm and 16 bars in |_| 50 x 25 with 3 and 2 teeth welded 1 of 2.
  • Free roller distribution side mounted on bearings with anti-winding.
  • The DBST models run only to the right in the direction of travel of the tractor.



  • Base panel
  • Loading tailgate
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