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Comb mulching kit


Our range of rolling machines has been designed to meet the constraints of modern breeding. The SILOFARMER comb peeler combines versatility and performance. With a capacity of up to 6 m depending on the type of straw, the straw peeler with combs is the indispensable tool for the care of your animals.

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Greater versatility
Robust design
Mulching up to 6 meters
Ease to use
Description technique

Standard equipment

  • Recommended flow in litres min/max: 30 to 60 l/mn
  • Conveyor belt drive by hydraulic motor and gear chain mat: 2 reinforced roller chains – ep. 3.8 mm and 16 bars in |_| 50 x 25 with 3 and 2 teeth welded 1 of 2.
  • Free roller distribution side mounted on bearings with anti-winding.
  • The DBST models run only to the right in the direction of travel of the tractor.
  • DBRH models: rotation of the unroller by hydraulic control for dumping on the right, left or rear.

Comb mulching kit :

  • Recommended minimum flow 30l/min max: 40l/mn.
  • Mulching up to 5, 6 meters depending on the type of straw.
  • The mulching kit is hydraulically driven by a motor mounted in series with the drive belt drive.
  • The flow restrictor accelerates or brakes the progress of the conveyor belt.
  • The 3-way valve allows the hydraulic feed of the mulch kit to be stopped.
  • The mulching kit should be raised upright.
  • The comb lock is in the mulching or distribution position and is manually operated. It is optionally available in hydraulic control by 2 DA cylinders
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