TWIN-PIC unrolling machine



Efficient and ergonomic, the TWIN-PIC range of peelers meets the constraints of modern livestock production. Its small size allows it to distribute in the narrowest buildings. The versatility of the TWIN-PIC can be adapted on telescopic, loader or tractor-driven three points.

+ product

Standard right and left distribution
Reinforced convoyer belt 
Quick coupling with the boot peak
Ease to use
Description technique

Standard equipment :

  • The hitch is designed for 3 tractor points and equipped with a set of clevises for front loader tractor or telehandler (model and reference to be specified when ordering).
  • Its removable hitch equipped with 2 teeth makes it possible to load the bale into the machine and to drive the shredder.
  • The hitch locks and unlocks automatically as soon as the TWIN-PIC is raised or rested on the ground.
  • The TWIN-PIC is originally designed to be coupled on one side or the other, as well as a double drive allowing distribution to the right or left in the direction of advancement.
  • Recommended flow in litres min/max: 30 to 40 l/mn
The + of TWIN-PIC 2


Hitch :

– Hanging sleeve thickness 10 mm
– 2 teeth Ø 40 mm length 1100 mm
– Powerful hydraulic motor
– Processed feed
– Centering guide


The frame of the unroller :

– Entry guide for teeth
– Centralised steering of the coupling
– Lower skids under the conveyor belt
– Processed feed
– Reinforced hooks for locking the hitch.

Options :


  • Bottom plate between the conveyor belt chains
  • Mobile hitch on 3 rear tractor points
  • Set of towing hitch for telehandler and front loader (model to be specified)
  • High flow oil regulator (required for flow rates greater than 40l/min)
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