Silage cutters

1700 , 2000 and 2500


From 1,4 m³ to 2,5 m³

Simplicity and efficiency !


The range D1700, D2000 and D2500 is designed to simplify the distribution process. Its simple design, robust structure and ease of use simplify the work of the breeder. In addition, the machine’s narrow gauge allows the user to access any type of building.

+ product

Comforte of distribution
Clean silo cup
Ease of maintenance
Simpler application
Description technique


  • 3 point hitching
  • silage cutting by claw of products stored in horizontal silos: corn, grass, beets (extra)


  • 3-point hitch and towbar
  • hydraulic distributor controlling all functions of the machine
  • hydraulic couplers
  • free return advised
  • conveyor belt in flat chain, equipped with scraper, anti-fouling drive nut
  • robust kinematics: no cylinder in the box, no contact with the silage
  • single, reliable mechanical transmission
  • speed of rotation of the separating roller proportional to the advance of conveyor belts
  • regular distribution
  • hydraulic opening of the dispensing door optional
  • front bottom added for checking the filling level of the machine
  • distribution can be on the right or left
  • hydraulic distribution with safety valve avoiding excessive effort
Fiche d'informations

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