Carried spreading silage cutters



2,1 m³


Strength and simplicity !


The range of bleachers carried D210 has been designed to facilitate the distribution of silage. Its simple design, robust structure and ease of use make it easy for the farmer to do his job. In addition, the machine’s narrow gauge allows the user to access any type of building.

+ product

Robust design
Ease of maintenance
Regular distribution
Compact machine
Description technique

Standard equipment

  • Automatic 3 points semi-automatic
  • Mechanically welded body.
  • Hydraulic opening of the distribution flap.
  • Polygonal shredder for grass and corn.
  • Galvanized marine conveyor belt chain diameter 10 mm
  • Cylinders external to the machine that cannot be in contact with the silage.
  • Shredder drive and conveyor belt drive by hydraulic motor.
  • 4-function distributor block with manual controls on adjustable stem.
  • Hydraulic distribution right or left interchangeable.
  • 4-function electric control on HGE-HDE models.
Fiche d'informations

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