Carried straw spreading silage cutters

DP 262 and DP 267


The DP 262 and DP 267 offer a multitude of possibilities for the user, offering a 3m³ cash volume. Its large diameter, bolted-to-light turbine ensures homogeneous mulching and even distribution regardless of the material. The robustness of its manufacturing combined with its compact shape offers the farmer the guarantee of a machine that is helpful and reliable over time. Many additional options can complete the equipment of your machine.

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Flexibility of shredder
Small footprint 
Robust design
Reduced maintenance
Description technique

Standard equipment

  • Side chute, adjustable or versatile
  • Electric control
  • Shredder with hydraulic drive sections (DP262).
  • Shredder with mechanical drive sections (DP267).
  • Gearbox 2 speeds (270 and 540 rpm).
  • Turbine with bolted blades
  • Chain conveyor belt Ø 10 mm.
  • Moving conveyor driven by hydraulic motor + gearbox reducer.
  • Strips in crushed high strength and removable tubes.
  • Semi-automatic towbar (category no. 3).
  • PTO shaft with friction security and freewheel.
  • Side distribution chute (GL series).
  • Versatile dispensing chute (GP series).
  • Directional and lateral chute (standard for GTLE).
  • Distribution of round bales Ø 120 to 140 cm and square 1.40 m.
  • Distribution of hay bales on DP267 models.
  • Tractor pressure: 180 bars


  • Semi-mounted with 2 cylinders for lifting box.
  • Drawbar coupling with articulated bar.
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