Semi-mounted disc straw spreaders for CUBIC bales

Semi-mounted disc straw spreaders



Precision and homogeneity of mulching as an objective


The range of mounted or semi-mounted disc mulchers offers the user the guarantee of successful mulching.

Known for its simplicity and efficiency in all circumstances, the range of disc mulchers will be able to adapt to all types of livestock (poultry, cattle, goats, sheep…). Many options can be added to your machine in order to tailor it to your needs.

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Regular mulching
Mulching up to 12 meters
Mounted 3 point or trailed straw
Ease to use
Description technique

Features for all straw spreaders DPG120-2D and DPC120-2D

  • Standard supply of disks and a 1 DA distributor for the advancement or retraction of the detachable conveyor belt assembly.
  • Supplied with a flow regulator for the advancement of the conveyor belt.
  • Hitch on bar, wheels and stand.
  • Minimum tractor power 45 hp
  • Straw regulation box.



  • Trailed straw spreader works by tractor hydraulics with SE plug and free return. DPG120-2D
  • Trailed straw spreader with independent hydraulic unit tank 90 litres and flow 60 l/min drive tractor power take-off projection of the straw from 5 to 12 m depending on the type of straw.



  • Mounted 3 rear points tractor power lift 100 HP
  • Operates by tractor hydraulics with SE plug and free return.
  • Option KRD-120-2D (only on DPA120-2D,DPC120-2D, DPG120-2D)
  • Flow regulator kit for disks to reduce width of straw spreading (ideal for chips).


DPC120-2DE, DPG120-2DE and DPA120-2DE

  • Electric control with disk flow regulation kit.
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