Long reach and semi-mounted straw spreaders – P280 & P300

Long reach and semi-mounted straw spreaders

P280 & P300


A compact machine for quality mulching !


The Silofarmer P280 and P300 straw mills have been designed to satisfy breeders looking for a robust and efficient machine. With a volume of 2.2 m³ and a mulching distance of up to 18 metres, the P280 and P300 will meet all the constraints of modern breeding.

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Long distance mulching 
Reduced maintenance
Ease to use
Hay spreaders
Description technique

Long reach and semi-mounted
straw spreaders 2,2 m³

Standard equipment :


For P280 :

  • Shredder with hydraulic drive sections.

Pour la P300 :

  • Shred all forage with mechanical gearbox, fixed regulation teeth.
  • Gearbox 2 speeds (270 and 540 rpm).
  • Turbine with bolted blades
  • Chain conveyor belt Ø 10 mm.
  • Removable HLE tubes.
  • Indicator and regulator of progress of the conveyor belt with reverse movement.
  • Hydraulic rear door.
  • Mulching of 10 to 15 m (GTE) and 15 to 18 m (GLE).
  • Mulching round or square bales with optional door extension.
  • PTO shaft with friction security and freewheel.
  • Semi-automatic coupling (on mounted model) (category no. 3 on GTL).
  • Side chute for distribution (standard for GLE).
  • 300° mulching chute (standard for GTE).
  • Versatile chute for all forage distribution at 300° (GPE series).
  • Directional and lateral chute (standard for GTLE).
  • Tractor pressure: 180 bars


DREAL approval


Semi-mounted version: Maximum weight of 800 kg


  • Axle with two cylinders for lifting the body.
  • Drawbar coupling with articulated bar.


Version trailed: Maximum weight 450 kg

  • Fixed axle, extended door for downhill.
  • Drawbar coupling with articulated bar.
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