Straw spreaders on TELESCOPIC MOUNTS

Straw spreaders

On Telescopic Mounts


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Thanks to its compact size and its adaptability on telescopic, the P280T straw mill meets all the constraints of modern breeding. With a useful volume of 2.2m³, the range of telescopic mulch machines will adapt to any type of building by offering high quality mulching.

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Adaptable on all télescopic
Regular mulching
Large working volume
Robust design
Description technique

Adaptable on telescopic trolleys

  • Gearbox 2 speeds (270 and 540 rpm).
  • Turbine with bolted blades
  • Chain conveyor belt Ø 10.
  • Bars in HLE crushed tubes.
  • Indicator and regulator of progress of the conveyor belt with reverse movement.
  • Hydraulic rear door.
  • Mulching from 10 to 15 m.
  • Mulching round or square bales with optional door extension.
  • Shredder with hydraulic drive sections.

Adaptable on telescopic trolley

  • Overdimensioned hydraulic motor.
  • Reinforced link chain, protective casing of the assembly.
  • High resistance treated drive sprocket.
  • Adaptation parts with automatic hooking.
  • Electrical controls for all functions with plug-in socket.
  • 1 hose 5/8 for main supply (rotation turbine + functions).
  • 1 1/2 hose for secondary feeding for functions (charging).
  • 1 return pipe to the Ø 3/4 bin with female (antipollution) socket.

Important :

  • Mounting to be provided on the telescopic trolley:
    –a hydraulic power supply with a Ø 3/4 flat-front socket at the end of the boom for the main supply.
    –a hydraulic power supply with a Ø 3/8 flat-end socket at the end of the boom for secondary supply.
    –a free return to the Ø 3/4 tank with a 3/4 male plug with a flat face.
    –a 12V socket, 3 pins.
    –It is supplied with 2 outlets flat face 3/4 male for main supply and return.
  • Minimum hydraulic capacity of the truck:
    –80 l/min continuously (at the top of the boom).
  • We guarantee the optimal operation of the mulcher only:
    –if the required assembly is observed.
    –if the telehandler meets the requirements