Versatile tool holder

Versatile tool holder


La polyvalence a un nom : DEMPO


New to the SILOFARMER range, the DEMPO is the new essential tool for farm courses. Independent and easy to use, the DEMPO multi-purpose tool holder allows the user to carry out all the tasks specific to livestock farming without the intervention of a tractor or a telescopic handler.

+ produit

Compact ( < 2 m wide)
Ergonomic design
Description technique

Standard equipment :

• Kubota 4 cylinder engine 36.5KW
• 3 Drive wheels
• Hydrostatic feed by single lever
• Management of hydraulic functions on single lever
• Oil tank capacity : 150 L
• Diesel tank capacity :  85 L
• Work lights
• Coupling for category tools 1 and 2

Fiche d'informations

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