Trailed straw spreaders

From 9,5 to 19,5 m³


DREAL approval


Developed for intensive usage !


A range of compact and versatile straw spreaders consisting of 5 models from 9.5 to 19.5 m³.


Renowned for its robust design and the reliability of the various elements, the RD range allows you to distribute and strow in all circumstances.

+ product

Double reinforced chassis
Uniform mulching
Optimized volume ratio 
Distribution of all short-staple fodder
Description technique

With side or adjustable chute and electric control

  • 2 or 3 large diameter stacked shredders with bolted sections.
  • Mechanical drive of the shredders which ensures an optimal flow and a perfect regularity of the distribution.
  • 3 shredders on 1320 models.
  • Gearbox 2 speeds (270 and 540 rpm).
  • Large diameter turbine, bolted blades.
  • Chain conveyor Ø 12 / HLE strips can be dismantled.
  • Indicator and regulator of progress of the conveyor belt with reverse movement.
  • Large volume box with lateral reinforcements and stiffness posts.
  • Rear door with side opening: easy loading.
  • Moving conveyor driven by hydraulic motor + gearbox reducer.
  • Double bottom cleaning hatch.
  • Fixed axle 90 / Rear lights / Hydraulic braking as standard.
  • PTO shaft with friction security and freewheel.
  • Tractor pressure: 180 bars
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